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The 16th Vietnam International Agriculture Trade Fair


  1. I.                   GENERAL INFORMATION


Name of exhibiton:


The 16thVietnam International Agriculture Trade Fair (AGROVIET 2016)



Exhibition booths:


 11-15 November 2016


385 standard booths



The Exhibition Fair, Economic Transaction and Commercial Area

No 489 Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam

Opening time:



Managed by:


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Developmnent

Organized by:


VietnamTradePromotionCenter for Agriculture


Sponsored by:


Exhibition Sectors:


HanoiTelevision, Vietnam Agriculture News, VnEconomy, Vietnam Investmen Review,

Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food and beverages.

Agricultural machinery, farming, livestock ...

Processing  and postharvest handling  Machinery

Aquaculture techniques for environmental remediation

Agricultural materials: fertilizer, scrop protection chemicals, farming equipment and environmental remediation.

Seed and supporting products

Traditional Products of  villages and Handicraft


  1. II.               OVERVIEW


  1. 1.      Exhibiton scale :



        With exhibition space of 10,000 m2, the fair has attracted nearly 385 booths and 1500 sqm  bare space of domestic and foreign busunesses.


Exhibition area:


General Pavilion is located 54 sqm. general Pavilion through images, data, documentary, exhibiting artifacts is  major export products such as: rice, rubber, coffee, pepper, cashew, tea, fruits, vegetables ...and publications which introduce new achievements of Vietnam agriculture in some sectors: farming, livestock, forestry, fisheries, salt, science and technology, rural development, international relations, export ...  This display aiming towards industrialization and modernization, expand cooperation, attraction to foreign investment in order to serve the sustainable development of Vietnam agriculture in the new period.

The major products are displayed at the fair such as: Agricultural products: rice, cashew, tea, coffee, cattle, poultry, seafood; beverages such as milk, beer, tea ...; handicraft goods; the varieties of seeds and livestock ...; fertilizer, pesticides; equipment, mechanical engineering and technology for production,  processing and storage of agricultural products.

  1. 2.      VISITORS :



35,000 visitors for 5 days. In which there were many specialized  visitors to  trade

VIP Visitors:


Minister and Vice- Minister of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Leader of Ministry of Industry and Trade, Leader of the agencies and units such as: Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, AgriculturalExtensionCenters, Sub-Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Assosiations, Centers, Research Institute  Science and Technology, Corporations,... Beside of, there are industry experts, the project owner, Trade Representative of countries, government and non-governmental organizations,...

About 260 reporters of 75 from 75 newspapers, magazines, television and news.

Bussinesses from some countries: Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan..

Businesses from provinces around countries, Corporations and traditional villages.

Producing,  prossecing or exporting Bussinesses, agencies, stores and numerours people take care, visit and trade in the Fair.




1st Conference  


The Conference on Fertilizer and Chemicals in Agricultural cultivation




 9:00-12:00 AM,  11 November 2016.

Conference room of 2nd Floor No 489 Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi

Managed by:


Department of Horticulture of  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Market surveillance Agency of Ministry of Industry and Trade

Cooperated by:


VietnamTradePromotionCenter for Agriculture




- Corporations, businesses that  produce and  consume fertilizer

- Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Farmers' Union of Provinces

- Producing cooperative

- Representatives from Famers of Provinces.

2nd Conference


Conference on "Connecting Supply and demand in the consumption of agricultural products and safe food"




14:00-17:00 pm,11 November 2016.

Conference room 2nd floor

3rd Conference


Conference and trade exchanges between Vietnam - China enterprises in the field of agricultural machinery and materials




13:30-17:30,  12 November 2016

Conference Room, 2nd floor of  Vietnam Trade Promotion Center for Agriculture

No 489 Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi



Cooperated by:





VietnamTradePromotionCenter for Agriculture


Agricultural Machinery Association of China


- China Enterprises

- Vietnam Enterprises

4th Conference


Seminar on Organic Agriculture - Solutions for agricultural products and clean food




8:30-11:00, 15 November 2016.

Conference Room, 2nd floor of  Vietnam Trade Promotion Center for Agriculture

No 489 Hoang Quoc Viet Str., Cau Giay Dist., Ha Noi

Organized by:


VietnamTradePromotionCenter for Agriculture

Managed by:



VietnamTradePromotionCenter for Agriculture

Sientists, experts, Dr. agriculture, farmers of the province


General Statistics:


- The program is broadcast, introduced before, during and after the exhibition on all media.

- Television: VTV1; VTV4; VTV2; VTV16; Hanoi 1 Television; Hanoi 2 Television.

- There were 260 jounanists from 75 newspaper, magazines. Those jounanists visit, reports and make reporting on fairs- exhibitions.

From Sponsors:


 Vietnam Television, Vietnam Agriculture News, VnEconomy, Vietnam Investment Review, Vietnamnet, Industry and Trade News.

Media campaign from the Organizing Committee



 National Television: VTV1; VTV4; VTV2; VTC16-Television about agriculture and rural; Television about Army; SCTV- Television about Economy; Hanoi 1 Television; Hanoi 2 Television; VOV Transport;  VOV1- The Voice of Vietnam; VOV5- External Broadcasting system, VOV TV- Television Broadcasting system.

Newspapers: Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper, Vietnam Investment Review, People Newspaper, New Hanoi Newspaper, Business Forum Newspaper, Economic Times, Times Business, The rural economy Newspaper, Rural today Newspaper.

Online Newspapers: Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper, Business Forum Newspaper, VN Express, New Hanoi Newspaper, The rural economy Newspaper, Rural today Newspaper, Vnews, Economic and Urban Online, Hanoi People Newspaper, Law and society Newspaper, Vietnam law Newspaper, Marketing and family Newspaper, Agri.onle, etc,…

Magazine: Propaganda magazine, Business and Trade magazine, Magazine of Vietnam Village,…

Beside of, there are some local Newspaper: An Giang Online Newspaper,  Đong Khoi- Ben Tre Newspaper, Thai Binh Online Newspaper, Lang Son Online Newspaper,….

- Directly send 2000 Brochure to Agencies, Organization, Business, potential customers…etc…

- Update information on the websites, online forum,…

- Website of the fair:

- Directly meet the customers.

- Announced  on loud speaker of Ward in Hanoi

- Send email or call telephone

- Hanging banners among streets in Hanoi

- Prin Catalogue of the Fair- exhibition


  1. III.           GENERALREVIEW

General Comments:


           After 5 days, AGROVIET 2016  has ttracted more than 35.000 visitors, including 45 delegations with 1500 patticipants who are leaders of businesses, farms, cooperatives and typica farmers from the 15 provinces of Vietnam. Beside of, this fair also has attracted a large of businessmen, visitors from capital, students to visit, study, exchange experiences and participate in activities at the fair.

            At the fair, Many business, manufactures who have signed the contracts and bought a lot of products, agriculture, foods, seafood, fruits, vegetable, flowers, agricultural machineries such as  feed mill, spraying pesticides,…


Review of cusomers:


- exellent fair : 25%

- Good fair : 50%

- Satisfied: 20%

- Un-satisfied : 5%


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